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2014-06-16: Teaching

On Saturday, I attended an open forum
jointly sponsored by Keio University and Yomiuri Shimbun
at the university’s Hiyoshi campus.

I talked about the appeal of figure skating.
I need to work on putting my words together…
But I hope it made more people interested in skating!

Yesterday, I went to Sendai’s Xebio Arena where they held “Together on Ice” (←I wanted to watch it…) on Saturday.

I had the chance to speak at “Figure skating Dream for kids” sponsored by United Sports Foundation (USF)!
USF is an organization that give children the opportunity to experience sports in a positive way. I had the chance to collaborate with their staff.

I got to skate with 60 kids from Sendai.
We focused on skating basics and presentation for an hour.
Everyone gave it their best!
Time just flew by so fast!

I hope it got everyone a little bit into skating.

It was my first time being the lead instructor so there were a lot of times where I came off as awkward or difficult to understand, but Miyagi FSC’s Nanami-sensei and Ice Rink Sendai’s Arai-san were there to lend support and help! So thank you to them.

Preparing autographs for all the kids.

It was only a day trip so I didn’t get the chance to educate myself on Sendai’s gourmet…

Even so
I was able to bring back kikufuku and Shiraken’s sasa-kamaboko♪lol

That was my very fulfilling two days!

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2014-06-16: Amazing Twilight

We are now accepting sign-ups
for an event hosted at Howa Sports Land,
on 7/25 (Friday) called
"Amazing Twilight" Presented by Akko!

More information can be found on Howa Sports Land’s homepage.

I look forward to seeing you there!

The deadline for the autograph present for
"33 Words to Slowly Overcome Challenges:
'Not Giving In' is 6/20!

Thank you for reading!!

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2014-06-12: ON A DATE

My date with Mitz-san of “Hirunandesu” aired yesterday.

Mitz-san is so lovely and clever
and extremely knowledgeable about skating.
It was a wonderful date from start to finish

Mitz-san’s Blog

"A woman’s chivalry is not easy to handle," Mitz-san said… lol.

I read Mitz-san’s blog religiously,
the post “The show must go on”
made the other day

made me cry.

The tears have been coming easy lately.

Anyway, off to face the day!

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2014-06-11: My Home

The people at Howa Sports Land
held a lovely banquet for me.

Ever since I started at Toho Real Estate Co. when I was 22, Howa Sports Land has always supported me.
I am truly grateful for the support you have given me, to have taken me in even though I was far from being a top competitor.
If it wasn’t for their support, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.
I wouldn’t have made it to the Olympics.
I wouldn’t have continued competing at age 29.

I had a such a great time with the people who have warmly supported me all this time

It feels like, “Ahh, I’m finally home.”
I’m so touched.

While a slideshow from Nationals played,
I was doing commentary on it
while everyone else tsukkomi’d in with their commentary. Lol.

Amazing food

The cake decorated by the female employees

It was delicious!

I’ll continue doing my best together with Howa Sports Land!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Everyone, please come to Howa and play ne!
And check out my display corner!


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2014-06-09: Makuhari & News!!

Thank you to everyone who came to watch
Fantasy on Ice in Makuhari!

Pasquale-sensei and I are both tired.

Next up is (Figure Skating Exhibition in) Beppu!
I’ll be working on my conditioning to build up stamina.

And two more pieces of news!

The display corner at Howa Sports Land has been updated.

Please come and have fun at Howa Sports Land ne!


Suzuki Akiko Special Project Event News
"Amazing Twilight" Presented by Akko
A short dreamy experience together with Suzuki Akiko…

You have never experienced watching skating so close that you can hear and feel the glide and push of the blades’ edges against the ice!!

"Dinner Party"
Have a conversation with just her?

This event, “‘Amazing Twilight’ Presented by Akko,” is limited to just women and will be held towards the end of July. 

More details will be announced this weekend.

Look forward to it!!!

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2014-06-01: Muscle soreness

Finished choreography for the two programs,
all that’s left is to practice them. Lol.

One of them is the (collab) program I’ll perform in Fantasy On Ice in Makuhari.
The other one will be for a show I’ll be skating in a little later.

I’m really enjoying practicing the difficult step sequence in the program.
I voluntarily practiced it over 20 times so my muscles are so sore… lol.
Going to keep going so it becomes a great program!

Okubo Kayoko-san visited my mother’s restaurant the other day!

Coming home from practice and seeing Okubo-san here was such a surprise!
A very lovely surprise♪

I’ll be appear on

"Sanma no Suupaa Karakuri TV SP"
(“Sanma’s Super Karakuri TV SP”)
today, 6/1, starting at 19:00, and

"Watashi no Nani ga Ikenai no?"
(“Is There Something Wrong With Me?”)
tomorrow, 6/2, starting at 19:00.

Please watch!

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2014-05-28: Choreography

I am doing choreography this week.

The two songs are a jumbled mess inside my head, but I’ll do my best. (laughs)

Oda Nobunari-sensei also came to Howa
and we trained together!

After practice, we had a late lunch together

and went shopping

and met up with Kanako

had shabu shabu at Butamichi!
So yummy
and so much fun
we laughed so much our tummies ached.

Going to give it my best today too!
Let’s have a good day!!!

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2014-05-22: PUREBATO

Starting at 19:00 today,
my appearance on “PUREBATO!!” will air.

(T/N: “PUREBATO” is a shortened form of “Pressure Battle,” just fyi.)

…do I have a sense of rhythm!?

Please check it out if you can.

Wada Masato-kun, who appeared on PUREBATO with me, 
blogged about the Toyohashi filming.


Thank you!

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2014-05-20: Special edition

I was on NHK Radio’s “Suppin.”

When I woke up, I went on a run before the radio show.

It felt great!

The special e-book edition of my book is on sale today!


The messages are handwritten!

The message board presents are included.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

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2014-05-18: Shimin Baseball Stadium

On my day off yesterday, I was in my hometown of Toyohashi.

When I met the mayor of Toyohashi the other day,
I heard the TBS drama, “Roosevelt Game” was being filmed at Toyohashi Shimin Baseball stadium.
Furthermore, I heard Wada Masato-kun, who appeared with me on a show the other day, would also be on location,
so I thought I would go and give my support!
The weather was perfect, I set my GPS, and off to the stadium I went.

I was nervous since it was my first time on a drama shoot.
I greeted those in charge,
and in-between shooting, I got to go on the field.

It was awesome hearing those in the stands cheer “Akko!”!!!


The actor who plays Nishina in this drama, Ashiki Shunsuke-kun,
is actually my elementary school classmate!
I was so shocked when I heard this from Wada-kun before I went to the stadium!!
Yesterday was the first time we saw each other in 17 years.

Everyone, please watch Roosevelt Game!

I appeared in the technical director Asano Taro-san’s Onikki!


I’ll also need to check the other actors’ blogs!

Thank you everyone for having me!!

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