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2014-09-11: Forum

I participated in the 2014 Russia-Japan Forum 2014
hosted in Moscow!

At this forum, there were discussion panels on Japanese and Russian culture, cuisine, business, medicine, sports, in all sorts of areas.

Party at the Japanese Embassy


At the welcome reception party

I listened in a lot of different panels
and learned so much.

I wasn’t really great in the discussions…
It felt like it would be hard to get across what I wanted…
But, it was a good experience!
I’ll use what I learned for next time!

Thank you for everyone
who allowed me this opportunity!
Just having the courage to leap into it
to try new things, things I know nothing about
(Especially for someone who is originally timid like me… lol)

Just having that bit of courage
and a new world is opened up to you.
I’m glad I was able to do it.

I also got to train at Moscow’s MEGASPORT arena.

Thank you to Irina Slutskaya-san who made this training session possible!!

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2014-09-14: November Event

We received a lot of questions and inquiries about the Howa Sports Land event in November.
Thank you for your interest.

It’s a special Suzuki Akiko event called
“Tracing Your Dreams.”

I want to share how amazing skating is
by skating some nostalgic exhibition pieces
and talking about my skating memories in talk shows.

Details on how to sign up for the event is on the Howa Sports Land home page.
↓ Please check it out.

Howa Sports Land

We’re looking forward to reading your applications.

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2014-09-01: Event

The details on the next event at
Howa Sports Land are announced!

And also, Amazing Twilight was so well received,
the details on the second one are set!

We’re starting to accept applications for both.
All the details are on the Howa Sports Land website!
Howa Sports Land

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2014-08-27: Twilight on 7/25

The Amazing Twilight event was held at
Howa Sports Land on 7/25.

I had such a wonderful time
with the 30 lucky lottery winners.

I’m glad everyone looked like they were having a great time!

The plans are set in motion for the event!
The dates and times are still to be decided.
But I’ll share the news once it’s been set.

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2014-08-18: Back Home

Long time no blog!
I was away from Japan for three weeks.

I’d been going nonstop since April,
and while it has been very fulfilling,
it was about time for a break,
so I went to Detroit to recharge.

One week was dedicated to relaxing.
The rest was dedicated to choreographing
a new show number with Pasquale.

Pasquale had all sorts of ideas.
I wanted to show you his face here.
What a great face.
I didn’t take it though…

Also, I worked with Sato Yuka-san
on another show number while I was here!

The meaning behind this pose  I’m… lol.

I’m unable to forget Yuka-san’s expression throughout this program.
It’s a program she helped create to signify my new start.

I’ll do my best to convey that to the audience in my performances!

These past three weeks
were a really great opportunity to reflect on myself.
And most importantly
realizing once again how blessed I am
to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

It wasn’t just about
choreographing a new program.
It was also about learning
how to breathe new life into my skating.

Even if it’s just a little bit, I want to share
and get across my feelings and emotions with many others.

Anyway, gotta adjust back to Japan time.
For my body’s sake.
Good night.

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2014-07-25: DX

At the Downtown DX taping the other day,

I was reunited with Mitz-san.

And here is Ogi Mama

I was completely moved that he bought and read my book!

And we saw each other again afterwards at the PIW in Tokyo show.

The skating boot brooch Ogi Mama gave me is incredibly lovely♡

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2014-07-16: FaOI Niigata

Fantasy on Ice 2014 in Niigata is over!
I was worried about the typhoon,
so I’m glad it didn’t leave a big damage.

First Makuhari, then Toyama, and with Niigata, all the Fantasy on Ice shows are finished.
All the performers
and all the staff members
have all gotten so close,
the bond between us all grew.
I never stopped smiling!
Realizing, “This is the last one…”,
before the final show was kind of sad.

Thank you to everyone who came
and to everyone who made the show possible!

Before the show, it was AiRY JAPAN, the aerial group performing with us, member, HIROKO-san’s birthday so

we surprised her!!
Happy Birthday!!

Good work everyone♪

From the 18th to the 21st,
the Prince Ice World shows are held in Tokyo!
Can’t wait!


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2014-07-09: Engagement Day

I went to the Best Engagement 2014 award ceremony the other day.


The three of us, Oda Nobunari-kun, Murakami Kanako-chan, and I received the Friends award!

7/7 is Tanabata, but it’s also Engagement Day.

It’s a chance for you to tell someone something you have always wanted to say.

At this award ceremony, the beautiful exchange between Nakamura Tamao-san and Katsu Shintaro-san and the warm story from the Hirai sisters, Rio and Mao, moved me to near tears many times.

I read a letter to Kana and Nobu, thanking them for everything.
My voice kept on breaking as I read…
but, really, I am so thankful for you two!
I’m so blessed to skate with such wonderful friends!
Let’s stay friends forever♪

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2014-07-08: Toyama

Fantasy on Ice in Toyama

Thank you to everyone who came!

I felt so loved here.
These people make me happy.


I performed together with aerialists, Airy Japan.
(I look the tallest because I’m the only one wearing skates… lol)

It was my first time in Toyama,
and the fish was delicious!
And! I went to that awesome Starbucks in Kansui Park!

Next up is Niigata.
The typhoon has me a little worried though…

Amazing Twilight is quickly approaching!
We got a lot of applications (from as north as Hokkaido to as south as Okinawa!!), we had to adhere to a strict lottery system.
I’m sorry to those who didn’t get chosen.
But I look forward to seeing those who did!

There’ll also be an event at Howa in November.
Look forward to that too!

Good luck to the Howa skaters starting their season!
I’ll be cheering you on.

These are still on display at Howa!


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2014-07-04: Event

We’re having an event
at Howa Sports Land
on 11/2 and 11/3!

More info to come at the end of August!!

Look forward to it.

Howa Sports Land

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